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Non-Occupant Co-Borrower Allowed. Unique loan programs are offered nationwide case by case. With a 400K loan amt and above average assets required. Note: This unique loan program is taoe VOE. No banking relationship necessary for loans 3M and under in most cases. Min 30 day close. Stated Income Loan not in al states. Hard Money Starting 6 Residential; 8 Commercial8230;unique loan programs.

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But the more I thought about it, the more I grew annoyed about the way this country has been promoted overseas this year. So this was how I started the article: "The tourism authorities will kill me for saying this, but I'm not at all comfortable with their latest international advertising campaign, built around the phrase 'So where the bloody hell are you?' "They're pleased with the way the ad agency included The Great Australian Expletive in a slogan, and with all the free publicity this has generated. My concern is not with the alleged rudeness of the word. It's with the attitude implied in the statement.

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