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Just as with men, female sexual dysfunction can result from physiological, hormonal, neurogenic or psychological causes, or a mix of the above -- and physical discomfort can engender psychological issues. Some physical causes include: pelvic surgery or trauma, blood flow problems such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, spinal cord injury, and even (for both men and women) excessive bicycle lantarel pfizer viagra. Hormonal causes can include menopause, endocrine disorders, postpartum hormone deficiencies, and diabetes. In their article: generic viagra legal uk will forms, Intimacy, and the Kidney Patientquot; (in Kidney Beginnings magazine), Donna Brassil, RN, MA, CURN, and Jean Lewis, BSN, RN, CNP, caution that although kidney failure (diabetic or wwill itself imposes no limitation on sexual activity, sexual function is impaired in many individuals with chronic kidney disease. quot;A kidney transplant may cause improvement,quot; they report, quot;although sexual function rarely returns to the pre-illness state.

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