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" As it turned out, November came early this year. What Australia watched, Thursday. Description Channel 5 City Metro Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth. 1 TODAY TONIGHT Network 7 youtube//viagra 379,000 436,000 290,000 168,000 205,000. 2 SEVEN NEWS Network 7 1,455,000 384,000 416,000 bryophyllum pulver dosierung viagra 167,000 212,000. 3 RPA WHERE ARE THEY NOW. 9 1,386,000 430,000 408,000 231,000 171,000 146,000. 4 MY Youtube/viagra gone wrong prank IS EARL 7 1,280,000 321,000 384,000 276,000 138,000 160,000.

Big Brother Ten 1. 009. Deal or No Deal Seven 0. 904. What Australia watched, Monday. Seven News Seven 1.

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02m. Can you explain what you are basing your count on?" (Click here to read the most watched TV programs of all time) The publicist sent back this reply: "Our top programs are for week 7 up to yesterday, exc Easter (as always, we look at the survey year only). The top programs reflect the average for year to date therefore, Ugly Betty and Heroes premiers are not looked at individually, rather we look at the shows - Ugly Betty and Heroes - as a whole. " So Ten permits itself to exclude the tennis and the cricket because they occurred before week seven, and it excludes the premieres of Heroes and Ugly Betty and the Mercedes Corby allegations of Today Tonight because they were single episodes.

Just in case any readers are unsure of the site's validity, the fine print clarifies all: "This website is entirely unconnected with the Government of Australia or any of its agencies and wants nothing whatever to do with them. " The ratings race: Week 21.]